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Process through URL

It is also possible to configure an URL which needs to be downloaded.


You can choose to use this method if you store your data already in the cloud and it is publicly available. As, for example, is the case with data stored in Azure Blob Storage of Google Cloud Storage.

URL: POST${sessionId}

Request headers

The following headers need to be present

Parameter Value Description
content-type application/json
x-zoom-s2t-key Scriptix Batch API Token API key of type real-time needed for authorization, this has to be the same as used for session initialization.

JSON Body Schema

Key Type Description
video_url string Set this to the URL to download.

JSON Payload

    "video_url": "",


Status code Description Payload
200 New session initialized
400 Invalid language
401 Unauthorized
415 Content Invalid
422 Body Invalid
500 Server Error