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Webhook callback

Once configured during initialization it is possible to receive an callback once the transcription is complete and results are ready for retrieval.

API Change (May 2020)

Due to authorization issues with providing the transcript already in the result we do not longer send any results in the HTTPS callback. Therefor it is required for the customer to retrieve the results themself.

Callback URL's

The callback URL has must meet the following conditions, besides being a valid URL in order to be usable for the callback functionality:

  • Must be HTTPS
  • Cannot be localhost or localdomain
  • Cannot be an IP address (IPv4 and/or IPv6)
  • Must be resolvable for the API

Callback message

The Scriptix API will always call the configurated HTTPS endpoint with the following message. It is possible to configure custom headers (eg. an authentication key) but the headers stated below are not overridable.

Callback headers

The following headers are always present

Header Value Description
X-Zoom-Session sessionId The Scriptix Transcript Session ID
X-Scriptix-Session sessionId The Scriptix Transcript Session ID
Content-Type application/json The content type of the callback message

Callback body

The callback body is a JSON body containing an object with the following keys

Key Type Description
sessionId string The Scriptix Transcript Session ID
zoom_id string The Scriptix Transcript Session ID

Automatic retry

The HTTP webhook endpoint on the customer side should always respond with an 2XX status code within 20 seconds or the request will be marked as failed. When this happens an automatic retry will start after a certain period. The following has been configured.

Delay Time after transcript complete
00:00 Immediate after transcript complete
01:00 1 minute after transcript complete
02:00 3 minutes after transcript complete
05:00 8 minutes after transcript complete
15:00 23 minutes after transcript complete
30:00 53 minutes after transcript complete

If a callback could not be performed succesfully after the final delay, the callback is abandoned and no further notification is send about this.

Only succesful transcripts will get an callback

At this moment only a succesful transcription will result in a callback. If, for any reason, it is not possible to transcribe a file no callback is made.