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Retrieving results

Use correct API token

It is impodent that the correct API token is used for retrieval of results. And only the token which was used for creating and uploading can be used for retrieval.

URL: GET${sessionId}/result

Request headers

The following headers need to be present

Parameter Value Description
x-zoom-s2t-key Scriptix Batch API Token API key of type batch needed for authorization

Response codes

Status code Description Payload
200 New session initialized
400 Bad parameter
401 Unauthorized
415 Content Invalid
422 Body Invalid
500 Server Error



    "count": 1,
    "total_results": 1,
    "result": {
        "duration": 592,
        "error": null or "error",
        "filename": "media.mp3",
        "media_type": "audio" or "video",
        "media_url": null or "",
        "session_id": "49b5b257000004000006ccdfc8",
        "status": "done",
        "results": [
                "result": [
                "speaker": "unk",
                "text": "word",
                "sconf": 0.85,
                "channel": 0