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Documents are currently in BETA and the API interface may change when this is deemed necessary.

Documents are our way to work with your transcript session results. A document is an segmented representation of the actual context.

We currently have two types of documents, captions and transcripts. A caption is most suitable for subtitline, while transcripts can be used as a regular document. We offer an online editor for captions and plan for a document editor later this year.

At this moment documents can only be created from batch sessions as we do not store any results for realtime. With our upcoming recording functionality this behaviour may change.

Relation to transcript sessions

A document always belongs to a transcript session and as such a transcript session can have zero or more documents. Documents are a relatively new feature and complement downloading results directly. Where modifying there results is impossible documents are actually designed for modification.

classDiagram direction lr TranscriptSession "1" --> "*" Document class TranscriptSession { +results Transcriptresult +createDocument() } class Document { +type string +filename string +update() +delete() }