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Process for alignment

Upload: Media File

In order to upload a media file for alignment an POST request has to be made with a multipart/form-data contents containing the media file and the correct transcript.

Extra consts

Extra costs may incur for alignment, please check with your subscription if the feature is enabled and against which cost.

URL: POST${sessionId}/align

Request headers

The following headers need to be present

Parameter Value Description
x-zoom-s2t-key Scriptix Batch API Token API key of type real-time needed for authorization, this has to be the same as used for session initialization.

Request body

The following data has to be uploaded in an multipart/form-data request

Parameter Value Description
media_file Binary audio/*,video/* The media file to upload, either video or audio
transcript_file text/plain The known good source of transcript which needs to be aligned to the audio in the media_file


Status code Description Payload
200 Files are accepted
400 Invalid data
401 Unauthorized
402 Payment required, a subscription is missing
415 Content Invalid
422 Body Invalid
500 Server Error